About Us

You know how 5-year old boys love trucks? Well, CJ was a truck-loving boy. And as an adult, he still loves trucks. When Casey married Carrie, the trucking business became a family love-affair. CJ Consolidated Enterprises was formed with good business in mind and family in the heart. “To tell you the truth, nobody loves to leave their family regularly and live like a gypsy on the road,” Casey says. “But when I am working for good customers that take care of us and our company, it makes it worth the sacrifice.”

Carrie takes her administration background and applies it to keeping their shipping operation in tip-top order. Casey brings his 17-years of experience as a driver and transportation manager to ensuring your impossible package gets delivered. “We only have a small handful of customers but we love working with all of them,” says Carrie. “We are like family. We would do anything for each other both at work and at home.”

Carrie J. Hakenkamp – President / CEO

Carrie’s skill set revolves around keeping things running smoothly. She holds a certificate in Management, Leadership and Project Management from Nebraska Business Development Center as well as a degree from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Her background in conservation and environmental resources gives CJ Consolidated Enterprises a unique perspective on certain projects with environmental impact.

Casey J. Hakenkamp – Vice President / CFO

In addition to experience both driving and as a transportation manager, Casey holds a bachelor of science in Industrial Management from Peru State College with a Minor in Electronics and Robotics.

He is OSHA certified with Electrical Safety related work practices and is a certified crane rigger and signalperson.

He is also certified in Hazardous Materials Transportation.